Dog and Cat Art on the Internet

Looking for Dog Art or Cat Art online? No matter if you are looking for dog or cat paintings, portraits, prints, gifts or even clip-art, the internet is a quick and easy way to find the perfect pet art. However, as with anything you look for using the internet, it can be an intimidating challenge to locate exactly what you need. In this article we will look at all the various types of dog and cat art available online, where to find it, and the good and bad to watch out for.Pet art, and in particular dog and cat art, is immensely popular today. There are many reasons for this, but particularly the almost universal popularity of dogs and cats as beloved pets and companions. You would struggle to find anyone who isn’t either a cat or a dog lover today, and many love both. This means that there’s always a huge demand for all kinds of cat and dog art. And as everyone knows, the internet really is the easiest and fastest way to find virtually anything. Today every possible type of pet art can be found online, including:- dog or cat paintings in oil or watercolor or acrylic medium
- original portraits from people’s own photographs of their pet
- high quality cat and dog art prints
- trendy pet related pop art
- dog and cat clip-art
- gifts t-shirts and clothing sporting pet art designs and logos
- and even gifts and clothing for dogs and cats themselvesThe choice of art available online for the cat or dog lover is huge. However, this wealth of choice presents some challenges. Because the pet industry is a huge money-spinner for businesses the world over, it does mean there are some unscrupulous traders and sellers of pet related products online, so it makes sense to be cautious and do some research before spending any money. Potential problems can include cat or dog art which claims to be original art, but which is in fact a photograph altered digitally using software such as photoshop. This is completely different from legitimate and skilled digital artists who paint using a digital brush. Also, when searching for pet related clip-art, care must be taken when visiting some seemingly free sites which exist simply to pop-up new browser windows which can be annoying, and as with any sites which repeatedly generate pop-up windows, they could potentially host malware. However, it must be said most websites are perfectly safe to use.In fact the largest problem when searching for cat or dog art is how to actually find the particular type of art you are looking for. With the almost infinite number of websites on every topic today it can be surprisingly time-consuming and frustrating trying to find exactly what you want. Searching for cat art for example will return millions upon millions of matching websites, containing everything from drawings of cartoon cats to clothing stores for pampered kittens, so try to narrow your search by using a more precise search term. Alternatively look out for websites which have done much of the work for you, gathering links to many different sources of cat and dog art and pet products in one place.

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