Serviced Instant Offices: Why Are They Good for Business?

Instant offices are ideal for small to medium businesses looking for professional addresses. Also known as serviced offices, such kind of offices help optimize your time and money, two biggest constraints for a perfect start-up to your business. You can make maximum use of your limited resources and focus on the core business practices without being bothered about routine office and staff affairs. You can just rent instant offices in major business hubs and manage your business through virtual teams.The serviced instant offices are considered ideal for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses because of the host of advantages they offer. The following points demonstrate why instant offices are good for your business.All-inclusive business solutionsInstant offices are cheaper, fully serviced, hi-tech, and managed by professional staff. They offer shared services, including staff, on use and pay basis, a big relief from investing on permanent employees and capital expenditure on equipment. You can get help of experts without employing them. You can use advanced equipments at fractions of its original cost. Small or medium businesses cannot afford such hi-tech office accessories at it involve huge expenditure. Professional security guards, assistants, receptionists, cleaning staff, mechanics, and other are provided by the property manager to look after your routine functions. The rent is inclusive of all these costs and you need not have to track and pay for all these.Enough time to run your businessInstant offices are fully serviced. It saves your time by providing qualified space to start your business instantly and without any break. There is no construction hassle, legal paper work, labor problem, time-consuming interview process, and need to look after the payroll of employees. You just need to pay the rent or even buy out the space according to your budget and leave the rest to the mangers of the business center. You do not have to make an alternative arrangement for any staff on holiday. You just order for any service related to the office and get it done by professional staff working at the business center. Free from such routine works, you can concentrate on your core business areas and client dealing.Least capital investment requiredInstant offices are good alternative to traditional offices requiring huge capital investment. You can rent these offices on hourly, daily, or monthly basis and save money. Even long-term contracts and buy out options are available. Most of the routine facilities, such as reception, servers, equipments, and maintenance staff are used on shared basis and you just have to pay fraction of the cost for fully using them. This cost saving option make instant offices perfect for those who looking for offices at the least possible cost.Prime business address benefitA real address and that too in a prime business is sure to make your business roaring success. However, due to spiraling real estate prices, it is not easy to get an office constructed at a prime location. In such a situation, instant offices offer an alternative option. You can rent an executive suit or instant offices in a serviced business center located at any prime address at considerably cheaper price. You can use this address for enquiries, client visits, correspondence, accounts, and sales while working in virtual teams or from home. It is a good option for charted accountants, attorneys, psychiatrists, and consultants, who require minimum permanent staff.Serviced offices offer professional staff for office maintenance and communications. They deliver the perfect solution for your business under the watchful eyes of managers. You can get benefit from the state-of-the art office infrastructure, technology, cost saving, and prime address of the business centers that make your business services world-class and of present generation.

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Dog and Cat Art on the Internet

Looking for Dog Art or Cat Art online? No matter if you are looking for dog or cat paintings, portraits, prints, gifts or even clip-art, the internet is a quick and easy way to find the perfect pet art. However, as with anything you look for using the internet, it can be an intimidating challenge to locate exactly what you need. In this article we will look at all the various types of dog and cat art available online, where to find it, and the good and bad to watch out for.Pet art, and in particular dog and cat art, is immensely popular today. There are many reasons for this, but particularly the almost universal popularity of dogs and cats as beloved pets and companions. You would struggle to find anyone who isn’t either a cat or a dog lover today, and many love both. This means that there’s always a huge demand for all kinds of cat and dog art. And as everyone knows, the internet really is the easiest and fastest way to find virtually anything. Today every possible type of pet art can be found online, including:- dog or cat paintings in oil or watercolor or acrylic medium
- original portraits from people’s own photographs of their pet
- high quality cat and dog art prints
- trendy pet related pop art
- dog and cat clip-art
- gifts t-shirts and clothing sporting pet art designs and logos
- and even gifts and clothing for dogs and cats themselvesThe choice of art available online for the cat or dog lover is huge. However, this wealth of choice presents some challenges. Because the pet industry is a huge money-spinner for businesses the world over, it does mean there are some unscrupulous traders and sellers of pet related products online, so it makes sense to be cautious and do some research before spending any money. Potential problems can include cat or dog art which claims to be original art, but which is in fact a photograph altered digitally using software such as photoshop. This is completely different from legitimate and skilled digital artists who paint using a digital brush. Also, when searching for pet related clip-art, care must be taken when visiting some seemingly free sites which exist simply to pop-up new browser windows which can be annoying, and as with any sites which repeatedly generate pop-up windows, they could potentially host malware. However, it must be said most websites are perfectly safe to use.In fact the largest problem when searching for cat or dog art is how to actually find the particular type of art you are looking for. With the almost infinite number of websites on every topic today it can be surprisingly time-consuming and frustrating trying to find exactly what you want. Searching for cat art for example will return millions upon millions of matching websites, containing everything from drawings of cartoon cats to clothing stores for pampered kittens, so try to narrow your search by using a more precise search term. Alternatively look out for websites which have done much of the work for you, gathering links to many different sources of cat and dog art and pet products in one place.

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Mussorie Attractions and Accommodation

AttractionsThe true beauty of Mussorie and its neighbouring hills and of course the majestic Himalayas can be best viewed from Gun Hill. Being the second highest point, it offers one of the most panoramic views of the Shiwalik ranges from Mussorie. One can either hike on a trail to reach the Gun Hill or take the 400 metres long ropeway ride. The highest peak in Mussorie is called the Children Lodge. It is situated approximately 5 kilometres away and offers a breath taking view of the Shiwalik range. However, the best part about this peak is getting there. One can take a pony ride to this peak and enjoy the marvellous view on the way.Kempty falls is a massive waterfall located in a beautiful valley, approximately 15 kilometres from Mussorie. It is surrounded by beautiful hills making it a picture perfect sight. The water forms a small pool at the bottom of the Kempty fall and the experience of taking a dip in this natural pool with such beautiful surroundings is incomparable. Although in peak season this place gets too many tourists. Situated in Bhatta, which is approximately 7 kilometres off Mussorie, is the Bhatta Falls. One can either hire a taxi or take a bus till Bhatta and then cover the next 3 kilometres on foot. This falls not only has natural pools but also water amusements. Mussorie has ample places to trek. One such example is the Jharipani falls, located approximately 8 kilometres off Mussorie. The last 1.5 kilometre stretch to this falls has to be covered on foot. Mosey falls is another picturesque falls situated in a dense forest located approximately 7 kilometres off Mussorie.Approximately 5 kilometres off Mussorie is Lake Mist, which has boating facilities and makes a great picnic spot. The municipal garden situated 4 kilometres off Mussorie is also a great picnic spot. It has a well maintained garden and an artificial lake with boating facilities. The Mussorie Lake is another artificial lake, which has boating facilities. The highlight of this lake is the view that it offers. Situated approximately 6 kilometres from Mussorie, it offers a splendid view of the Doon valley. The view at night from here is spectacular.Mussorie is a laid back town where life moves at its own pace. One can just stroll around the town and one of the best places to take a stroll in Mussorie would be the Camel’s back road. This road is a 3 kilometre long road stretching from Kulri Bazaar to Library Bazaar. Mussorie still has reflections of its colonial past and the British graveyard near the Camel’s road is just one example of that. One can also take a horse ride on this road.Mussorie is a bird watchers’ paradise. Situated approximately 11 kilometres off the heart of the town is the Benog mountain quail sanctuary. This bird sanctuary is spread over 339 hectares and permission is required to visit this sanctuary. Van Chetna Kendra is a beautiful park covered with evergreens and pine tress. The highlight of this park is its bird sanctuary, which houses Himalayan peacock, Ghurar and many more species of Himalayan birds.The StayAlthough Mussorie is a popular hill station, it does not have many 5 star hotels. Jaypee Residency Manor, located approximately 5 kilometres away from Mussorie is a 5 star in Mussorie. The hotel is spread over an area of 9 acres and charges approximately Rs. 9500 to Rs.16000 per night. There are a lot of old British Bungalows, which have been transformed into heritage hotels. There are a lot of heritage hotels located in the mall area, such as Connaught Castle, Hotel Pine Retreat and Kasmanda Palace. These hotels cost approximately Rs 2500 per night.There are also a number of heritage hotels and resorts located in the outskirts of Mussorie. They offer a more serene ambience away from the crowd of the main town and panoramic views. These resorts are situated approximately 6 to 8 kilometres off the main town. The Cloud’s End resort, located approximately 8 kilometres off Mussorie and Claridges Nabha, located approximately 6 kilometres off Mussorie are very good heritage hotel options. Located in Jharipani is the Jharipani castle, originally a palace of the king of Patiala and now a unique tent resort. It offers tented accommodation at a cost of Rs 6000 to Rs11000, depending upon the kind of accommodation you choose.Apart from these Mussorie has a number of budget hotels. Some of the hotels in the Kulri Bazaar and the mall area are Avlon Resort, Garhwal Terrace, Honeymoon Inn and Mansarover. There are a number of hotels in the Library bazaar and the Gandhi Chowk area too, such as Raj Palace, Monark and Ratan. The Camel’s back road and Landour Bazaar has its own share of budget hotels and there are many to choose from. Apart from hotels and resorts there are paying guest options too available in Mussorie. These paying guests cost anywhere between Rs 150 to Rs 300.Mussorie, a scenic hill station in Uttaranchal is a perfect place to unwind and be one with nature. A laid back town nestled in the Shiwalik range with its colonial history reflecting in its present makes an ideal hill resort.

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